Making the “Kreiss Look” Your Own

At Kreiss, we draw on our experience with thousands of homes to help you craft a look of timeless grace from a wide range of styles. Whether you prefer California casual, urban sophistication, sleek contemporary, Spanish Mediterranean, or European formal, we incorporate the signature “Kreiss Look” to create a warm, inviting environment. Each project is unique; the options endless. As an in-house manufacturer, Kreiss can customize every piece of its vast furniture collection, from the finish, the fabric or the shape. Depending upon your design theme, we can mix luxurious leather with a cozy chenille, and blend various period furnishings, such as a French Bergere chair next to a contemporary upholstered sofa. Designers help you envision the finished rooms using custom design boards and samples of your textiles and materials so you can feel as well as see your options. We also are able to collaborate with a client’s architects and builders to create a home with optimal design continuity and flow. Our design team at Kreiss has the experience, resources and passion to help you discover how to make the “Kreiss Look” your own, and part of your unique lifestyle and distinguished home.

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