The Kreiss Design Process

Kreiss designers begin the complimentary design process by understanding your needs, wants and dreams. During the initial interview process, we not only want to know you and your home, but how you would like to live inside it. “Do you like to host large dinner parties or small, intimate family gatherings?” “Do you spend more time in your family room or in the kitchen?” “Do your read in the den or in bed?” These details help us match your design preferences to your unique personality and lifestyle. In order to best customize our design solutions, we strive to analyze the role and functionality of each room, both separately and as a cohesive part of a home. After we understand your design goals, we invite you to a detailed presentation at the nearest Kreiss showroom, where we guide you though the step-by-step process of space planning, lighting, flooring and furniture selection, window treatments and accessories. Finally, working side by side, we review the recommended floor plans, materials, furniture arrangement and selection, and carefully blend the individual elements of the Kreiss Collection to reflect your distinctive design vision.


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